Shaytober – Day 5 – Putting in Work!

Yesterday was my rest day and I treated it as one. Tried to eat as healthy as I could and tried to not stay on my feet. I was getting amped for my ride this morning. I woke up at 530 just to get a jump on the day. Had a bagel toasted with half peanut butter and half Nutella. Finished it off with a half a glass of milk and a cup of coffee. Made sure I had the right tire pressure and I was off. I knew the route I wanted to take and the weather was perfect tote out my new Performance Bike arm warmers. I started off and it felt great. Something about being oh pretty early in the morning with no traffic. It makes me just want to go fast. I was planning on tackling all of Lystra, one of the biggest hills in the area, and I was successful. I stopped soon after to eat some and use the bathroom. Then it was a grind for the rest of the ride. I pushed myself way beyond my limits and it was awesome. My legs weren’t thanking me after, but I was ecstatic. I had the biggest elevation gain that I can remember, the longest ride I can remember, and I still averaged a little over 17 mph. Now I just have to concentrate on healthy eating for the rest of the day!


Shaytober – Day 3 – Dissapointment

Today I felt like I didn’t give my all. I was supposed to wake up this morning before work, but I didn’t, and for no good reason. I could have taken extra time this morning and packed my lunch but I didn’t. I could have decided to go somewhere else besides Chinese food, but I didn’t. Could have gone harder and not stopped on my run, but I didn’t. Should have gone out  to the gym to lift, but I didn’t.

When you put all of these things together, it makes me angry. It seems like such a simple thing to devote yourself to something, but I didn’t today. I was lazy. Bu you know the important thing to concentrate on is the fact that its one day! Why should I fret about one day? And besides my day wasn’t THAT bad. Sure, I didn’t wake up early to run, but I did run right after work. And maybe I should have packed my lunch, but instead I got Chinese food and split it for tomorrows lunch before I even ate a bite. I may have slacked a bit on my run, but I was tired, and I’m allowed to be. And yes, I did miss the gym, but its one day! One thing to take away from this month, and this journey is…



Shaytober – Day 1 on Day 2

As I was browsing YouTube tonight I found a video from a guy that I follow who has last a significant amount of weight. You can find the video here. He is running a series of videos on his YouTube channel throughout the month of October about weight loss and healthy living. He asks everyone to do three things. Weight yourself on a regular schedule, Take a picture of your front profile, and come up with a list of goals for the month. I’m a little late to the party, but I’m going to do this. I feel like a need a little something extra to push me.

I started in 2011 weighing above 300 pounds.


Me weighing over 300 pounds in April of 2011

Luckily for some reason I wanted to get more fit and to lose weight. I making progress but I know I’m not done. When I weighed this morning I was at 216.4. The lowest I’ve been since high school is 211 last week. My goal weight to maintain is 190. Here are my current picture at the beginning of October.


Weight a whole lot closer to 190 than my last picture. Have a long way to go. At 216!

So my goals for this month…

  • I would really like to get down less than 210 lbs.
  • I would really like to ride my bike faster. I’m thinking a 20 mile ride averaging over 20 mph.
  • I want to run a half marathon at the end of the month. Goal time is under 2 hours.
  • I would really like to lift at least 3 times a week and focus more on my core.
  • Finally, I would like to write more here. I’ve been gone for too long, and I need an outlet.

Are you interested in participating? Even if not, what are some of your goals for this month?

Why is Exercise on the Weekend so Hard?

I went home last weekend to visit my parents. I missed my planned run on Saturday night, and moved it to Sunday morning, but that pushed back our long run of the week to Monday. To compound to the situation its been really dreary in NC recently. So not only have these runs been jumbled, Ill be running 13 miles in three days with no rest, plus a bike ride tonight if I’m lucky. Lets start with the good. On Friday before I left I was able to go on a pretty long bike ride, 20 or so miles. Now that’s what I was shooting for, starting my weekend off right. Then Saturday came and I went golfing with my Dad. That’s at least a little exercise. We were outside sweating and getting some “weight training” and cardio. But this put me late in the day getting done and then we had a family get together that didn’t end until after 9. After a long day the last thing that I wanted to do with a full belly was run so I opted to push everything back. The plan for Sunday was originally to leave early so I could make it to the CBC ride, a local cycling club. I wanted to do the fast 30 mile group putting me closer to my 200 mile goal for May. Instead Raschelle and I woke up early and we ran at the beach. It was a good run but we were later getting home than expected and I missed the opportunity to ride with the group. We also had a brunch planned and a movie later that night so it was a busy day anyway so I just let the ride go.  So now its Monday with only two activities done this weekend and its a bummer. The schedule tonight should have a bike ride in it and will definitely have a 6-mile run in there somewhere, rain or shine.

In more news, I’m on the 20th day of the May Massive Strava Challenge for both Running and Cycling. I set goals of 50 miles running and 200 miles cycling and I’m making great progress towards those goals. Right now I’m at 39 miles of running and 118 miles cycling. I would like to be a little further for cycling but a couple of good rides will put me right where I would want to be. I’m also setting a goal for this week for no fast food and no soda. I need to start something to get this last little bit of weight off. I’m going to try to at least post SOMETHING every day this week to keep you updated. Hope everything is going well with you guy. Now get out there and tear it up!

My Amazing Weekend…

First let me preface that this wasn’t an ideal weekend which makes this post so much better. If you live in the Southeastern United States you would know how crumby the weather has been recently. Rainy and overcast every single day for the last two weeks it seems. This doesn’t lend itself to outdoor activity. I would normally be the first person to step outside and look at the dark foreshadowing clouds and say, “Eh, I can miss one run.” But this weekend was different. Recently I joined the May Massive on and its kind of got me wanting to ride and run. Now, if you don’t know, Strava is an online program that uses your GPS data to allow you to compete with people in you local area along with people all across the world. For instance, the May Massive is a competition to see who can ride the most kilometers in the month of May. I’ve seen many challenges on Strava but this is the first that I’ve jumped at.


Okay, back on track! On Saturday I was able to run an easy 2 miles to start the weekend out right. But on Sunday I got up early, and in the rain, and went out for an 18 mile bike ride. Now last year, I went to a couple group rides and did way more miles than this, but what makes this special to me is the fact that this made me feel, for the first time, like a real cyclist. I was slogging away at a hill while the rain was coming down all around me. I imagine in my head what it looks like. In front of the peloton driving off the front, when in reality I’m sure I just looked like the recreational cyclist I am. BUT STILL!!! I am excited to be a cyclist, and there was nothing more at that moment that I would rather be doing than standing over those pedals and grinding it out. And ladies and gentlemen, I wasn’t done. When I got home I put on my sneakers, and out the door I went to Umstead National Park to do 5 miles at an easy pace. The endorphin’s were definitely flowing that day.


Now that I look at it now, it doesn’t look that impressive, but I’m so excited about it. So far this May, Ive done 16 miles running, and 48 miles cycling. That is awesome and Im looking forward to some longer rides this May!


On a more random note, yesterday night I went to go see a Crit race in downtown Raleigh. I had a blast, and man were they going so fast. I’m going to have to try that, and the course is close enough to my apartment that I can go and practice. Of course, for the C race, with Cat 4 and 5 riders, one of the riders went down in the sprint to the finish. Nothing like something like that to really instill the fear in you all over again.


Anywho people, thanks for reading, and Ill catch you all later!

When Life Gets in the Way…

When life gets in the way all you can really do is go with the flow. I really want to keep all of you in the loop about what’s going in my life, but frankly there isn’t enough time for it all. And if I’m honest with myself, you don’t want to hear about the same things happening everyday. So moral of the story is I’m going to try… “TRY” to focus more in content and less on frequency.

So getting back on topic. Training. I’m feeling good. Getting more miles in weekly than I have in a long time, especially on the bike. I’ve joined two Strava challenges, one for running and the other for cycling, both shooting for the most kilometers possible in the month of May. My plan was to start May with a bike ride after work today, but the weather was less than ideal and we made other plans so I’m going to be using today as a rest day. After all, my legs do feel like they deserve it. Other than that everything is going well. Diet could be better and I could be swimming more, but I’m feeling good, and it everything needs to happen in baby steps.

Another thing that I really have been enjoying is following some other bloggers. Some of the blogs that I have been reading have been awesome. Its great to hear how you all handle trials and tribulations. Between Chatter and his amazing organization (found here), to bgddyjim and his “Come to Jesus Moment.” And one of the newest blogs I follow,   The Game Plan, where she just got a ton of new triathlon equipment (found here). These bloggers, along with everyone else that I follow inspire me to strive for more in my life. Read some of their stuff and tell them what you think. Keep on being awesome people!

Anyway, thanks for reading and I will talk with you again soon.


Edit… I forgot about The College Tri in my list of interesting bloggers that I follow. Its really interesting to get updates from someone who lives so close to me. His race posts are the best. And one of the coolest is bike v. car. He has some of the coolest cycling post with lots of cool pictures. Check them out too!

Some questions about cycling?

So I’m the kind of person that is always looking for something different to do. I’m not usually content with doing one thing which is why triathlon is such a good fit for me. You have to work on three things, and perform those three things in one race. I love running, which is what brought me to triathlon, and I race in run only events all the time. My new love though is cycling. Now this is where my questions start. I have a pretty nice bike, and a trainer, and some good local cycling clubs, so I have to potential to get out and train, but I’m not sure about the races. It makes me really nervous to get out in a peleton and “race”. I know Ill get more comfortable with more time in the saddle, but the thought of going 20+ with a group of riders on all sides just freaks me out a little. I’ve riden with a group, but I think its a little different in a race environment where people will do stupid things because they want to win. I’ve seen the wrecks, and I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for that. Now in no way am I saying that I’m going to go out tomorrow and race, but I just wanted some advice into which direction I should be headed. I’ve thought about possibly trying cross to get used to the “racing” mentality, but that would mean buying a different bike, and that’s not really an option right now. I know the first thing I need to worry about is getting my mileage up but I want to be on the right path.

Another question that I have is about the Categories in cycling. Now I’ve seen pictures, and I’ve watched videos of some Cat 5 races and all I usually have to say is “Wow, these are cat 5 racers.” These guys are very fit and I kind of cant believe they would be in the Cat 5 category. Is this true, I mean is this all races where the guys that show up have calves bigger than my head. I mean I’m a competitive person, but I cant compete with that just yet, Like I said I have a lot of miles to cover still, but REALLY!?

So in summary, my two questions of many that I want to put out to the general public are these.

– Where do you start when training for crits, or cycling races in general, and how do you become comfortable enough on the bike to be able to race successfully? Is it just time on the saddle or are there things I should be doing?

– Are there any other options for beginning races? Is there a training wheel division, or am I going to be thrown into the ring with the beginning “oh my God, look at his calves” Cat 5 racers?

Any thoughts or experiences would be awesome. This is all pretty new to me so anything will help. Thanks for reading all and Ill catch you later!